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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. good morning maryland. now don scott. marty bass and the latest breaking news from the news team. your first warning weather and traffic control. it's wjz. maryland's news station. >> it's 4:30 and if you're just getting up and looking at your tv you're walking up to partly cloudy skies. a moon in the west. people not far from here got snow and people from the north got hammered. tim williams. >> good morning.
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we're looking at what was considered the potential for a big problem for parts of the area. a glancing blow for much of the region, record amounts of rain. with temperature in the mild zone we had more rain than a winery pix -- wintry mix. look at this, back it up to yesterday evening, five, 6:00, very strong amounts or heavy amounts of rain, and with the back edge of that tapping into cold air. this is what we were dealing with. how it started to break down. we had icy mix to our west and that started to hammer cumberland, garrett county. a rain event everywhere else. the rain and the snow line started to make its way across hagerstown. the temperature leveled out and with that temperature stayed
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around or above freezing. that's why we're dealing with a rain event this morning with winds kicking up. temperatures are above freezing. we're looking at gusts up to 25 miles an hour up across most of the state and the temperature will start with 32 degrees and that's around the metro area, warmer west, i'm sorry south and west of the metro. you'll be dealing with slick spots but no accumulating snow. you won't see that in the immediate area. we'll talk about how it plays out. >> here's what people were worried about yesterday and talking about today. the winter storm that moved up the east coast bringing our area heavy rain and colder temperature and strong winds. live along the beltway, good morning. >> reporter: good morning don
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and everyone. the weather seems to have cleaned up. there's the possibility of slick roads in baltimore county. >> snow hammered garrett county as soon from this traffic camera at interstate 68 in western maryland. it's part of a storm that moved through the state. >> we know it's wintertime now. that's why, we put up with it. >> north and west, drivers in union town pennsylvania were battling snow. >> this would be the first major accumulation at this point in the year. >> baltimore was pounded by rain last night. it fell too fast and furious for storm drains to handle. the highway administration is warning drivers to be aware of road conditions. >> we'll bring in crews this evening before the snow starts and hopefully if goes by forecast. when everybody wakes up it will
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be clear. >> and once again there's that warning about the possibility of slick roads in some areas. >> thank you very much. you will see salt spread out as a precaution. stay with wjz and first warning weather for complete coverage and updates, go to there's other news this morning, a 9-year-old is crushed by a falling tree. now his parents are holding carroll county responsible. his family is seeking millions in damages. >> katherine is shaken two years since the tree crushed her son to death. he was attending a camp run by carroll county.
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the family is suing the county saying the tree was dead and should have been cut down. >> it's awful. i mean, you wake up every day and you know, my only child is gone. >> the county should have protected the county. >> the death was painful enough for the family but they say the response from the county mad it worse. they end sent a refund of the one $20 -- $120 she paid for the camp. and invited her to attend a sugar festival. >> they should be ashamed for sending a letter like that. are you kidding me? i couldn't believe it. >> noah's family is demanding accountability but they will
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never get back the thing they want. him. the family's lawyer believes this will head to trial, he doesn't believe the county will set kneel the county will have a month to file a answer. a montgomery county teenager charged with stabbing a student. 17-year-old brianna fumes stabbed a girl on tuesday night because she got in a fight with her friend. in the midst of beginning her first full term as mayor she's backing a subject. >> a video was relosed on line by the group, marylanders for mare age equality. part of the push to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.
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and the latest report card is out for schools. and did they make the grade. even though students rank below the national average they made progress. >> reporter: baltimore city elementary and middle school students are making strides. >> we can read better, we can write weather. >> -- better. the numbers back that up. on wednesday the city released results of the nation's report card. casting 4th and eighth graders in 21 urban school districts. students here are in the bottom third. the gain in math are among the highest. it's reading scores that don't budge. >> either quality of what's being read or to reading itself
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is taking too much time away from the core reading construction. >> this particular exam is considered to be more rigorous which students have been improving on for the past decade. >> only 11% of fourth graders are considered professional in reading. the scores put bat baltimore behind big cities. the head of baltimore schools admit there's a steep hill to climb. >> there's such a need to move the numbers of kids toward the professionally band, that we can, the you're yenni in the work has to be there, even as we celebrate the advancements we're making. students take the national assessment test every two years.
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the ravens will be without ray lewis sunday when they play the colts. even without him on the field the team has won the last 3 games in a row. mclane is one of the linebacker that's filled in. lewis is out with a toe injury. donald ellerbee and brandon ayanbadejo have chipped in. this organization knows what they're doing. they didn't bring us in here for nothing. we're not a mistake. we had to work for everything, and it's nice to reap the reward. the journey is not done. this is a small step. >> ray luis sat out practice yesterday as did matt burke and ben grubs. and you can watch the ravens taking on the cold -- colts live sunday afternoon at 1:00. 20 minutes before 5:00,
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you're waking up to a cold wind and salt on the roads. tim williams in the first warning weather center. >> we'll be a good forecast for the ravens game. we're talking about that this morning. definitely dealing with today glancing blow of wintry mix, that's cleared out of here. mostly sunny day. our average high is 47 degrees, sunny, breezy and cooler. the wind will be a factor and dry out in most of that is out west. for tomorrow, 46 degrees, mostly sunny and look at the weekend ahead. we'll have the first forecast coming up. that's a taste of news, sports and weather on thursday morning. we'll have more in just a moment. ,,,, 3q
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. welcome back on this thursday morning. going to back up the forecast and give you an idea how the stage has been set. our temperatures have been so warm over the last few days the road surface is warm, yesterday our high early in the morning
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was 62 degrees. we got the 72 yesterday. temperature across the state as far as oakland were 39. when you have colder air moving it has to get passed all of that before it can start to accumulate. what we're dealing with now, temperature around 38 degrees. 26 your dew point, humidity 61%, winds from the west, northwest bringing in cooler air. the winds are the factor. 18 miles an hour winds now, gusting up to 25 or so in central maryland. we've seen accumulations up to 7 inches in garrett county. we've seen around 3 inches in toward washington county toward hagerstown. as we get in the higher amounts it's rain from the metro area, east and south.
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temperature afternoon 42- degrees in kent county. 42 in annapolis. here's the winds we're talking about, 20 toward dc. 18 in bwr marshal. the rain moved through, a quick blow of wintry mix. cleared out of here very fast and as the sky started to clear that's what we're dealing with now. the forecast has trace amounts the temperature dominating the forecast. until you got far west into western maryland you won't see accumulation. cooler air moving in. in the 40s from the 60-degree high yesterday. sunrise 7:14. 45 degrees. mostly sunny, breezy and cool. tonight in the 30s and 20s in the north and west suburbs, tomorrow 46 degrees. sunny but chilly.
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42 on saturday, 44, 45 be back up to 51 through the next five days. it's 14 minutes before 5:00. we're going to take a break and be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. 11 1/2 before 5:00 a.m. the lion king is an award
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winning musical worldwide. >> before the lights come on. crews are hard at work setting the stage for what's become one of the most popular shows in the country. broadway's award winning best musical, the lion king. >> most are made of carbon fiber. >> michael kerry is the hard carpenter. it's not a traditional show. there's 250 puppets in the show. more puppets with the people of the cast are the puppets. >> it takes 17 trailers to move the show from city to city. inside the trailers puppets, scenery, costumes and props. kerry has traveled around the world with the lion king. 8500 pounds all told. and gives us a look at fried
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rock the center piece of the performance. >> it's the high point of the kingdom. it has a lot of hidden meaning in the show not just from the scenic element. >> now in its 14th year the lion king has won six tony awards. thank you. if you haven't seen that show it's so cool. last night started the run. the tickets start at $22. not broadway new york prices. we're taking a break ,,,,,,,,,,,
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. seven minutes before 5:00, if you're watching the 4:30 hour thank you very much, welcome back. if you're just joining us look out the window and be surprised. >> good morning. definitely clearing out from the moisture that moved in. you had to go west to get the snow, we got a lot of rain and over all areas around the area for the most part seeing mixed amounts of precipitation. garrett county 7 inches. allegheny county three. washington county two. just around 2 1/2 inches of rain, which was a one day total for the event. give you an idea what moved
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through the edge on, a lot -- region, a lot of moisture. winds up to 25 miles an hour. we're looking at clearing, going up to 42 degrees in the low to mid-40s with areas of the storm clearing out pretty much through this morning. we'll have the forecast in a few moments. in the news this morning, good morning everyone. several inches of snow and floods hit parts of maryland. coming up we'll have all the details. >> a sex scandal here. two baltimore city police officer under investigation and a hollywood legend is gone. actor harry morgan has passed away. more news. first morning weather and the first traffic report ,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we are here, depending on where you are, there are certain things, up to the north, to the far north, mostly a rain, now a
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windy vent. a lot of rain moving through the area. as we moved through yesterday evening, showers, heavy storms coming through the area, the colder air started to move into these counties and that is where you will see any of the winter accumulation, for the rest of us, it is all rain. for the totals this morning, garrett county, the temperatures are cold and the temperatures are down around freezing and building up to about $7 inches of snow and washington county is two and rain totals around the metro, two to eight inches of rain at marshall. the temperatures around freezing, to the day time high in the 40s. more in a few minutes. the concern overnight, the
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conditions on the roads in the area, we are heading out to brook landville, we are up live overlooking the beltway. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. several parts of maryland with several inches of snow and near baltimore with heavy rain and flooding and that could make for the slick driving this morning. as seen from this state highway traffic camera in western maryland, it is part of a storm that went by several parts of the state. >> it is winter now. you know, we will have to put up with it. in pennsylvania, they were battling the snow and the road crews trying to build up. >> this is the first major build up in this area. >> baltimore was pounded by rain overnight, it fell too


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